Answers to Your Plea, “Help! I Can’t Keep Up With It All!”

I can't keep up

Too much information. Too many social sites. Too many new marketing tools.


It’s one of the main challenges we hear from time-strapped business owners, “I can’t keep up!”

What should I read? How do I learn? How do I find time to implement all of the tips, advice, and tools that I read about?

Relax. In this post you’ll find some easy tips for reducing overwhelm. [Read more…]

Build Your “Ask Muscle” Without Having to Do Heavy Lifting

One of the common objections we hear when it comes to getting started with Engagement Marketing is, “I feel uncomfortable asking people to join, share, follow, subscribe, etc.”

Few of us like asking people to do something extra —especially small business owners.

You respect your customers.  You know they get bombarded by marketing from other companies.  You don’t want to bother them.  I get it. But to be effective at Engagement Marketing, you have to build your “ask muscle.”

You build this muscle the same way you’d start a program to build your biceps or quads: you get expert advice, you make it easy, and you start small. [Read more…]

Engagement That’s Right for You (And Your Customers)


When it comes to small business owners and online marketing, there’s one complaint that never goes unsaid: too much to do, too little time.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the nonstop, constantly changing pace of online marketing. Sometimes you may feel like you just can’t keep up.

It’s important to remember that maybe all you need to do is keep pace with yourself.

Engagement Marketing emphasizes that your business’s biggest strength, and key to success, is strong relationships with your customers.

So before you throw yourself into the whirlwind of online marketing, ask yourself these questions with both your customers and yourself in mind. Remember: no matter how much time you put into marketing your business, your marketing strategy will only be effective if it is specific to you and your customers.

Answering these simple questions can help you decide where your priorities should be and how best you should spend your valuable (and limited!) time.

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